K Suite Podcast

The K Suite Podcast a twist on the C Suite concept. This podcast explores the perspectives and experiences of women and people of color who are leaders, entrepreneurs, small business owners, CEOs, and activists. The K Suite Podcast also has solo podcast episodes that feature issues impacting women and people of color entitled “The culture.” 


The K Suite Podcast is not just a podcast, it’s an ecosystem for learning, growth, and connections.

Dr. Robin Kelley, President, and Founder of Kelley Consulting Firm is the host.  Dr. Kelley has over 20 years’ experience in management consulting, and senior leadership in higher education, EEO, equity, diversity & inclusion as well as HR.


K Suite Podcast Episode 3 - Get Your Finances Right with Angela Randolph

Dr. Kelley speaks with Angela Randolph, the Owner/Founder of Stellar Ledgers LLC. Angela provides insight on what entrepreneurs and businesses should think about financially for success.  Angela is a CPA, Virtual CFO, and Financial Consultant and leads her firm in helping CEOs experiencing accelerated growth manage their in-house financial needs so they can concentrate on their business and not their books. 


Angela is especially passionate about helping women entrepreneurs who are pursuing their dreams of financial freedom, security, and wealth. 

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Instagram 2-https://www.instagram.com/angelathecfo/

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